Founder and investor in innovation and positive change.


Chance Barnett is a technology entrepreneur, investor and author. He’s an innovator in finance, equity crowdfunding, and digital currencies who has provided leadership on new policy initiatives in finance and banking within the US and in foreign emerging markets.

Chance grew up in Los Angeles and enjoys traveling the world in search of remote tropical surf. He’s a graduate of University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in Economics and lives in Venice, California.

About Chance

Blockchain & Digital Currency

Chance is the Managing Partner of Decentra Capital – a blockchain and cryptocurrency focused hedge fund – and was previously CoFounder and Senior Advisor to Global Reserve Bank, CoFounder of CoinCircle, Founder of, and has served as an Advisor on early stage investing to several funds and the Haas Portman Family Office.

Startup Finance

In founding Crowdfunder, Chance played an early and significant role in JOBS Act legislation & regulation in Washington D.C. in 2011 through 2013, engaging with senior leadership across Congress, the White House, and the SEC. Chance has since been invited by foreign governments and private leadership in Mexico, Latin America, Bermuda, and around the world to consult on policy for entrepreneurship, finance, and access to capital in emerging markets.

Prior to founding Crowdfunder in late 2011, Chance co-founded successful Internet companies in digital publishing, ad tech, and media, became a hands on angel investor and advisor for early stage startups, a Forbes Contributor on startups and crowdfunding, as well as a publisher and writer in the areas of entrepreneurship, advice, and personal development.

Fintech Leadership

More recently, Chance has continued to expand into new fintech frontiers where Finance and Technology are merging, including new ventures involving the usage of Blockchain and Digital Currencies (Cryptocurrency) within the global banking and payments systems.